Your Health Plan Reimbursement & Tax Credit


Depending on the type of plan, many group insurance and extended health plans (such as Greenshield, Chambers, Bluecross, ManuLife, Great West Life and others) cover the services provided by a Registered Dietitian. Check with your provider, or we can help facilitate. 


Our billing/payment options are:

  • We can bill your insurer directly with your plan details and pre-authorisation if you assign direct billing to us. Please note that some extended health plans will only reimburse the client directly. If that is the case, you pay us and then submit your receipt to claim the fees.
  • You pay us directly and then submit to your insurer for reimbursement, the receipts that we provide.

The Canadian Income Tax Act recognizes a Registered Dietitian as an ‘Authorized Medical Practitioner’ and therefore allows you to claim your fees as a medical tax credit on your Canadian Income Tax Return.

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