Nutrient Testing

(laboratory blood & tissue analysis)


What is Nutrient Testing?

Nutrition tests measure your body’s actual levels of important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary for the proper care and functioning of your body. They provide information whether your body’s levels of these nutrients are sufficient, how these levels influence your health and/or predict your risk of disease. Your blood, urine, saliva, stool, hair, nail, and other specimens are sent for analysis to reliable medical laboratories for levels of specific nutrients and their by-products. For example, Vitamin D for bone health, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for heart health. Catch brewing health problems early in their cycle, and take action to protect your health.

Which nutrient tests are available at NutriFit Canada?

NutriFit Canada, is your ‘go to’ Nutrition health and Wellness clinic offering reliable nutrient testing services. Some of our popular nutrient tests are :

  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3,  6, 9 and full fatty acid panel
  • Nutrigenomics (45 genes related to nutrient metabolism, cardiometabolic health, weight management and body composition, food intolerances, fitness and physical activity and food habits)
  • Vitamins – Fat soluble (D, A, E,)
  • Vitamins – Water soluble (Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9)
  • Amino Acid panel
  • Nutrition panel of 34 vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and their specific metabolites (by-products)
  • Food sensitivity tests
  • Please inquire about our range of other nutritional tests that are not listed

Not sure of the nutrient test to order? Consult our Dietitian/Nutritionist to get guidance on the tests in which you are interested. Click on each type of test for more details. (Please note: all of our test links are not active as we are building our site. Email: or call 403-615-8318.

You can have the confidence that:

  • Your specimens will be collected and handled with great care to ensure that sensitive nutrients are protected, and not damaged
  • We will give detailed instructions for you to prepare correctly for your specific test
  • Our dietitian will discuss your test results with you

What are the benefits of nutrient testing, and how is this information helpful?

One of the major advantages of nutrient testing is the ability to measure actual levels of nutrients and their metabolites in your body. It is beneficial in detecting early changes in the body’s metabolism and nutrition state before the appearance of clear clinical signs.

It will help to identify low and/or excess levels of specific nutrients in your body, how they correlate to levels in your diet, your risk of malnutrition, and their relationship to your health. Scientific data has shown that less or more than target biochemical levels of nutrients are linked to health problems. Certain markers serve as indicators of risk for some diseases.

For example, cholesterol levels are a risk predictor of coronary artery disease. Knowing this type of information will help you to make the necessary adjustments in your diet, allow you to measure the effectiveness of your nutrition intervention program, and track your nutrition status over time. As other factors such as your health, ethnicity, medicines you take, and the environment can also affect nutrient levels in the body, the interpretation of these results, and the guidance of a dietitian is recommended.

What type of specimens are collected for nutrient testing?

Depending on the purpose of the test, and the nutrients and metabolites (by-products) being measured, blood, urine, saliva, and stool are among the common specimens collected. Hair, nail, and other specimens may also be analyzed for micronutrients. However, due to their direct exposure to the environment, the expertise, and consultation with a dietitian skilled in this area is valuable in determining the usefulness of the specific specimen, its care in collection, and in the interpretation of the results.

Will I experience any discomfort during the collection of my specimen?

There is usually no discomfort involved in the collection of urine, hair, saliva and nail samples. Collection of a blood sample is similar to when you go for routine blood work to the lab and may involve slight discomfort such as that of a pin-prick. Any discomfort is usually dependant on individual tolerance.

Should I be tested for all vitamins and micronutrients?

Reliable nutrient testing requires expertise in knowing what to order, the proper preparation for the test, interpretation of results, and what action should be taken based on your results. Consult your dietitian to jointly work out a regimen that meets your goals and your budget.

How will I know what my test results mean and what action I should take?

Learning what your test results mean is an especially important step. It is not just a matter of correcting a high or low number. Most nutrients are in an intricate relation with other nutrients and therefore a holistic approach is essential. At NutriFit, our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist will schedule you to explain your results and the next steps that you should consider if your test results are not in the target range.

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