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NutriFit Canada, an Alberta based private company has been serving Calgarians and international communities in health, nutrition, and research since 1984. At Nutrifit, we promote the core values of Albertans and Canadians of improving the quality of life of fellow citizens at home, and also sharing this privilege with those less fortunate. An active contributor internationally, NutriFit has touched the lives of impoverished people in distant parts of our globe through mobilization of partnerships, knowledge sharing, and ‘train the trainer’ skill development.

It has equipped physicians, educators and health care givers. For example, in Asia and Africa, we have enhanced health through awareness, education, prevention and treatment of disease in their own communities, where services did not previously exist. In turn, we continue to grow through new knowledge and global best practices, which we incorporate to enrich our own communities at home in Canada.


Some Areas of our Work Encompass:

  • Assessing your nutrition status using leading-edge knowledge and technologies in a peaceful, calm environment
  • Empowering you with a personalized nutritional toolkit to enjoy food and live healthfully
  • Coaching individuals and families to elevate their health and wellness over their changing life needs; to prevent and manage your day to day health, especially for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and their complications.
  • Leveraging the vital role of nutrition in early childhood development, setting the course for your child(ren) to derive benefits of healthy youth and adult life.
  • Applying evidence-based research to help you stay abreast of the extraordinary changes in the nutrition/health fields and build lasting skills to pass to your future generations.


About our Vision and Values

The food and nutrition landscapes are evolving at an exceptional pace. Aided by new technologies, science, commerce, and media are transforming how we manage our health. What is fundamental to human life and comes so naturally to us that is, to use food to nourish, sustain life, enjoy, connect culturally and spiritually has become increasingly confusing and daunting.
It needn’t be!

At NutriFit we will coach you to enjoy, improve, build, and manage your personal health and wellness over the course of your life with nutrition at its core. How do you leverage the best and up-to-date scientific knowledge without getting caught up in gimmicks?

Our focus is to empower you to be in command of your personal health; to be PROACTIVE, to PREVENT, and to PROTECT, rather than REACT! This means acquiring and applying essential skills in achieving sustainable results with our genuine, one-on-one care, knowledge of leading edge technology, and evidence-based global best practices in nutrition, health, and research know-how.


A snap-shot of Rozmin Jamal Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

Rozmin is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in Medical Science and a Bachelors in Applied Human Nutrition. Practicing since 1980, she is among the first (1984) private practice dietitians in Alberta. Having earned the reputation of excellence through her genuine care, she has been sought out for senior roles to influence change in broader realms, particularly in the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well as in clinical research.

Among some of her leadership contributions, are her roles as the Director of Public education, member of the Medical Advisory board, and National Vice Chairman of the Professional Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA). She has served as Chief Editor for a peer-reviewed, scientific journal, and has taught graduate and undergraduate global clinical research as Adjunct Assistant Professor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

The Royal College of Family Physicians’ and Surgeons, Canadian Atherosclerosis Society honoured Rozmin for her research work on the dietary treatment of a rare lipid disorder. In 2005, Rozmin was inducted into the Allied Health Alpha Eta Academic honor society for her leadership in health care.

Rozmin has been an active contributor to the international arena through policy dialogues, chairing conferences, and as a speaker, in the areas of chronic diseases, nutrition and research. In 2009, she convened the Africa-Asia Summit bringing together the World Health Organization, Universities and international governments. It included the Public Health Agency of Canada, the USA National Institutes of Health, and civil society leaders from 25 countries that addressed policy, governance, community empowerment, and capacity development for chronic diseases.

Rozmin established a state of the art Clinical Trial Center at the Aga Khan University, where, as their Director she influenced research practices at the university, nation-wide, and regional levels. Rozmin has recently returned to her practice to serve her local community in Calgary.

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